Teach a Young Lady Morals,
 she will learn Value and she will accomplish a Character 

Shirley D. Allen

 A Motivational Speaker that has and can make a difference in one's perspective character 

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P O BOX 2198
Pine Bluff AR 71613

Shirley's message inspires every age group especially the Teens!!!

Ladies on Point is a passion of mine, to develop young ladies who have come into womanhood by way of nature or who have become mothers at a young age. My character building message will inspire, provoke, or shock you into a life changing fashion. Throughout my life their has been a mentor before me, to guide and direct me. Most young ladies  today do not have a support base, (a mother , grandmother, aunt, great aunt or Ms Lucy next door). Without these ladies speaking into our  life, our young ladies are lost. They are dressing any kind of way, wearing wool in the summer, linen in the fall and winter. Many young ladies are not understanding that when the seasons change the clothes should change also. Our young ladies have lowered their standards. To fit in with what! Ladies are Queens and Princesses. They are very precious and unique. The lack of teaching and low self-dignity has caused a detour in what is important in ladies. Women have failed to pass on to this modern generation standards, morals and most importantly VALUES. Because there are no values, young ladies are dropping out of high school, even when they don't have a child to care for; (this is not a justification for dropouts) they are turning to drugs, and even lifestyles far from their inheritance.  One sees so much in the world today, that most people have turned their backs to the issues as though they do not exist. Everyone is afraid to offer correction; although a simple  word can make a difference. I like to think of myself as the wise woman on the sea shore making a difference with the starfish. If I can help one, then I have made a difference. The driving force behind my passion lies in the fact: "if I made it they can make it also."

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